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Incomplete Notes

Entree: Pesto Pasta (shapes or stuffed); garnish: parmesan

Technique: White Sauce (aka bechamel)

Technique: Cheese Sauce

Entree: Pasta, Tomato Sauce, Pesto Bechamel

Entree: Pasta; Cheese Sauce with Parmesan and Peas; (fettucini or tortellini)
  Variation: add goat cheese

Technique: Lasagne
Entree: Lasagne with Mushroom and bechamel
  Variation: add goat cheese to bechamel, melt

Technique: Plain Rice

Accompaniment: rice seasoned with onion, mushroom
Entree: bell peppers stuffed with rice seasoned with onion, cheddar
  Variation: add spinach to rice
  Variation: replace all or half of the cheddar with goat cheese

Technique: Pie crust

Technique: Quiche
Entree: Quiche with Onion and Goat Cheese; accompany: toast; Salad with Pear, goat cheese and mustard vinegrette
  Variation: Quiche with spinach and cheddar
  Variation: Quiche with mushroom and cheddar

Variation: Mustard sauce
Entree: mustard sauce over green beans, with cous cous; 
  Variation: add tofu
  Variation: substitute spinach for green beans

Breakfast: sliced hardboiled eggs on toast (or beaten biscuits, or english muffins) with mustard sauce

Accompaniment: Scalloped Potatoes
Accompaniment: Steamed Spinach with mustard sauce
Accompaniment: Steamed Carrots with maple syrup and butter

Technique: vegetable stew (saute in oil and/or butter; add flour; add water; reduce)

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  Accompaniments: Pickles, Fries, Salad

Technique: Vinegrette dressing
Accompaniment: Salad with Pear, goat cheese and mustard vinegrette
Accompaniment: Salad with warm onion and mushroom
  Variation: Wilted salad with warm onion and mushroom

Equipment: medium-sized chefs knives with sharp straight blade; finely-serated tomato knife; bread knife with broad serations
Equipment: heavy cookpots, pref Calphalon
Equipment: Cuisinart

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